An Introduction To Dungeon Crawlers

Dark Heart Dungeon is a puzzlecrawler for those who have never played a game in the roguelike genre before.

It avoids explanation and stays simple, and requires no previous experience, designed to be picked up and played by anyone.

Simple, Yet Thoughtful

The gameplay is straightforward - moving, attacking, or interacting - and requires players to make simple decisions with goals in mind.

Controls are as simple as possible.

Start Shallow, Become Deep

Designed to be played without a tutorial, Dark Heart Dungeon attempts to teach through trying. Each type of enemy has a different mechanic that players must learn and understand in order to proceed through the game without being eaten alive, or worse.

Theme, Not Theatrics

Dark Heart Dungeon is exactly how it sounds, dark. With that in mind, the game does not include jump scares or horror. It does include spiders, though.

Trying to be thematic without being too serious, Dark Heart Dungeon is mostly designed for quick play sessions, where you can resume where you left off and play as little or as much as you have time for. Each individual level is fairly quick with enough space to offer interest, but not so much as to delay or draw out the game.


The base campaign of DHD is now free to play. The expansion, Delve Deeper, will be added soon for $1.99, and will include an extended procedural mode featuring all of the new content. Delve Deeper consists of 55 additional levels and 6 more enemies, along with respective bosses.

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